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 Lol...This dude isnt that smart

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PostSubject: Lol...This dude isnt that smart   Sat Nov 01, 2008 11:18 pm

This is Lunars brother and I got a good laugh reading this

The message says :
Hello GM ive been playing in ur server lOTS OF times i have the full set of gm costume i was wondering if u would like to recruit Me as a Gm I know CODES and crap Very Happy i can be a admin+ Gm il tell u my info
My ign 1shotbownl

Why i wanna be a Gm? Cause I Wanna Help the comunity Not just Say Hi Say Hello How may i help u Very Happy IM NOT a lazy Person i can help IN Exp Events i know those codes Very Happy.

Do I Have any Experince.Yes i Do have LOTs ive been playing ms about for 3years and 10 months already Very Happy I KNOW ALL THE CODES IF IM A GM I know how to lvl and how to make me a New Job.

How Old Am i. Im 16 currently Very Happy

Would I like to ADD anything Else: umm Yes I AM WILLIGN TO BE A GM PLZ IM WIllign to be a gm in ur server I have the full set of gm clothes and i love the server
its Non Laggy And i LIKE HELPING PEOPLe So i Hope U Like My application for a gm Very Happy

Lol he thinks my bro is a GM rofl
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PostSubject: Re: Lol...This dude isnt that smart   Sun Nov 02, 2008 4:08 am

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Lol...This dude isnt that smart
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