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 Banned for spamming skills when the server lagged... -_-...

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PostSubject: Banned for spamming skills when the server lagged... -_-...   Fri Aug 29, 2008 4:02 pm

Dear Admin and GM(s),

I've read other topics related and it was quite the same situation as mine. I was fighting Papulatus in the free market when it lagged, then the screen froze for a few seconds and then disconnected. I was fed up as it often disconnects when it is extremely lag. About half an hour later, I tried logging in again only to find out that my account was banned and it said that my ID was either deleted or blocked from the connection. I tried countless times but it remained as it is. Then I decided to visit the chatbox of HeavenMS to ask for help, hoping someone would help me. Then, there was a person which asked whether I used any skills during the few seconds which lagged. I reply and said yes. He, or perhaps she, asked if I had used any skills such as hurricane when it lagged. Once again, I said yes. And he, or perhaps she, told me that the auto ban system has banned me due to the skills which I used when it lagged. I just don't understand why I was banned and why there was this stupid auto ban system. The person told me to wait till the admin wakes up Sleep and see what he could do. I was like ,"What? Sleeping at a time when someone is banned?" A few minutes later, I felt bored and decided to lend my friend's account. When I tried logging into it, the same thing happened. It said that the ID has been deleted or blocked. I then went back to the HeavenMS chatbox to ask what had happened, only to find out that I was IP banned!

So, please "un-ban" me as I have done nothing of the sort such as hacking etc. No
It was the auto ban system's fault, so please "un-ban" me
My character is 'xXFreakOXx'. Please do solve this problem as it is unfair to those who are banned for nothing like me.
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Banned for spamming skills when the server lagged... -_-...
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